“Artwork is something that’s unique. If Geneva has public art, it’s not art you’re going to see anywhere else. It helps distinguish and identify our community from others.”
– Mim Evans, Project Coordinator, Shalom Mural

“The community can help to bring more public art to Geneva by supporting the GFA via donation or giving us good ideas on future projects within the community. Some of our best ideas have come from residents over the years.”
– Tim Vetang, GFA Board Vice President

“I like working in bronze, it’s my favorite medium. It really is a multi-step process in sculpture that takes quite a bit of time and work. When doing a piece in bronze, one doesn’t actually sculpt in bronze, I choose to work in clay. I’m a very additive artist, I’m not a carver, I’m not subtractive.”
– Larry Johnson, GFA board member and artist

Our Projects

The goal of the Geneva Foundation for the Arts is to support art projects in the city of Geneva that will enhance the city’s beauty and inspire others. GFA supports projects in a wide variety of art forms: painting, sculpture, theater, dance, and performing arts. To apply for a grant for your art project, click here.

GFA has supported two public art projects: the Prairie Girl Sculpture and the Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors’ Shalom Mural. Learn more about these projects below.