“The arts bring me joy. Having a local organization that furthers the arts, allows folks to really get to know artists personally, and get a better understanding of the art-forms they’re engaged in, that’s what the Geneva Foundation for the Arts does. What do the arts mean to me? Enjoyment, friendship, and understanding.”
– Sharon Jones, member of the original Cultural Arts Committee


The Geneva Foundation for the Arts (GFA) is a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting all forms of art in the community. Donations from GFA contributors help art projects that need funding come to fruition, and provide grants to eligible artists and organizations. Without GFA’s assistance, many of these projects wouldn’t be possible.

Geneva is a thriving community with unlimited opportunities to display more public art and provide stimulating cultural experiences. Your donation to the Geneva Foundation for the Arts will bring more public art to the community and provide funding to meet GFA’s goal of establishing an arts center that will provide a gallery, performance spaces, and educational opportunities in the arts.

Your donation can help make this all possible. Make a tax deductible donation today!