“The GFA was created to accept donations, encourage donations to support the arts in the community, and also to be the vehicle for which an arts center will be established.”
– Tim Vetang, Past GFA Board Vice President

“The GFA is a non-for-profit 501(C)(3) created in 2014 by a group of individuals who really felt a need to create an environment in Geneva putting a focus on the arts and to fund a community arts center. The future arts center will be the central point in Geneva for the different arts and will offer artistic services to the community.”
– Larry Johnson, Past GFA board member and artist


GFA Board of Directors

The Geneva Foundation for the Arts is managed by a Board of Directors. Today, that board is comprised of the following members:

Doug Holzrichter, President
Tim Nelson, Vice President
Lisa Hellman, Secretary
Judith Hicks, Treasurer
Linda Cunningham
Lynette Dubovik
Heidi Kinder

Founding (past) Board Members:

Kent Gallagher
Earnest Mahaffey
Tim Vetang
Pat Engel
Trish Tkach
Carolyn Hill