The Geneva Foundation for the Arts


Geneva Foundation for the Arts

Recognized by the formation of the Cultural Arts Commission (CAC) in 2006 by the City of Geneva, the arts have always been an integral part of the Geneva community and a driving factor in our economy. CAC has worked to create diverse cultural arts experiences that engage the community but its main goal is to establish and oversee the operation of an arts center.

Introducing the Geneva Foundation for the Arts (GFA)
Realizing the benefits of a not-for-profit organization, CAC created the Geneva Foundation for the Arts (GFA) in 2013 to raise money, plan and establish a multi-purpose arts center for Geneva residents. CAC also handed over general fund development to GFA.

The proposed art center will be a modest, entry-level facility and will engage in strategic partnerships with local arts organizations and businesses. Once established, the Center will draw creative individuals together, to meet, discuss, take classes, give workshops, hold exhibitions, performances, and learn from others. It will serve as a hub for residents and tourists alike.

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Without art, you would lose creative thought, individualism, expression, and color to make dark times brighter and bright times shine. Your support allows us to continue bringing performing and visual arts to our community. Join us today with a gift of $50 or more to help grow arts programming in Geneva.