• “I taught them about the process right there that day, we broke tile. I did a little demonstration. We put some tile out on the table and I showed them how to tessellate things together and make an image and we also did a huge brainstorming session.” – Danielle Dobies, Artist, FVJN Wall Mural


  • “The first time we saw [the FVJN Wall Mural] we were extremely excited about it. It was everything you’d want in a public art project: bright colors, it told a beautiful story, the community was being involved with it, it was going to be built by children and adults who could participate in putting the mural together. It was just a perfect project for the first public project that the GFA would support.” – Tim Vetang, GFA Board Vice President

Welcome to the Geneva Foundation for the Arts

The Geneva Foundation for the Arts (“GFA”) is a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting all forms of art in our community. We utilize the donations from our contributors to see art projects that need funding come to life. Without our assistance, many of these projects wouldn’t be possible. We provide grants to eligible artists and organizations.

We take great pride in our thriving community, and feel we have an opportunity to display more public art and stimulating cultural experiences. We can and we intend to have more public art in our community by acquiring donations and managing the funds into various art projects through the grants we offer.

Additionally, we envision the establishment of an arts center that will provide a gallery, performance spaces, and educational opportunities in the arts. In 2016, a panel of citizens, GFA Board members, and City of Geneva Cultural Arts Commissioners developed a business plan for a Geneva Arts Center, to be managed by the Foundation.

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